Delicate vocals match perfectly with lush soundscapes with nods to Icelandic pop, German disco and even the late 80s dance sound from the UK. This musical collective morphs from live band to producer to dj and everything in between.

Equally unsettling, largely eclectic, fragile and beautiful. This is light and dark. This is Seabourne.

Seabourne is the brainchild of established songwriter and cryptic chanteuse, Larissa Rate who began experimenting with producing her own music with one objective; no rules.

An esoteric and ethereal blend of vocals and bold beats, Berlin-based Seabourne sails on the new wave of intricate outer-limits pop. Writing with orchestral instruments coupled with layers of vocals, the sound evolves into a unique universe of its own. Seabourne masters the combination of haunting yet accessible vocals coupled with electronic beats. Here, dark themes and caped concepts hold hands with bright melodies and uplifting soundscapes.

Seabourne have been busy DJing, collaborating and remixing the work of others, both locally and internationally and have recently released their first ‘official’ single and video, 'heart shaped pills'.